Admiralitätstr. 74

20459 Hamburg

Konzert | Samstag | 28. Januar 2017 | 20:30 Uhr

Stretch #3

Seriously we got PLANTS this time. The HzweiO collective will open up our third night with a biodynamic mixture of tropical rhythms, confusing rhymes and performance art, soon to be joined by Le Me, our quasi house band with the fuzzy, psychy jazz vibes.

Next up: SDT, your personal trouble-makers of the night. Back in September, we already witnessed Jace spontaneously taking over the mic to hijack our closing DJ-set and we started imagining what would happen if his whole squad turned up – well, there you go.

Ok guys, now calm down for a minute, will ya? With a voice soothing as if the whole woman was made of honey (do you like cheese?), Lena Geue got that thing. Be it as an accomplished Jazz singer or as part of the synthesizer trio Plastiq…we hope she’s ready to tackle trap music tho?

Then there is Hans-Dieter Keil, you’ll have
to ask him yourself why his name sounds like a 50-something guy about to remove your wisdom teeth with a giant pipe wrench.
All we know is that we witnessed Keil before,

Non-stop session by non-stop different acts:



bringing the subaquatic dub to stretch #1 with his partner from Tonfang. This time it’s just Dr. Keil and his bass & voice. And that’s a nice thing, to say the least.

So let the event title be your guide and rethink your weekend. It might be different, even better as plant.

*reads “plant” in all caps*