Admiralitätstr. 74

20459 Hamburg

Lecture | Sonntag | 30. Oktober 2016 | 19 Uhr


A lecture by

A video-sound installation by

A discussion between


Stefan Helmreich will be giving a lecture on the scientific domestication of waves and their (wild) mythological background. It's role will have to be examined. Following his thoughts, Nika Son and Helena Wittmann will present a video-sound-installation: Ocean waves are sound waves are light waves. Finally, Theresa George and Stefan Helmreich will be talking about questions and memories that emerge between rhythm, space and language. (Lecture and discussion will be in english.)

Theresa George, born 1984 in Cottbus, studied Anthropology, Politics and Journalism at The University Leipzig between 2005–2013. She continues her academic pursuit of a critical and self-reflective anthroplogy, which leads her to interdisciplinary collaborations and continuous social mediations. Her main interests are forms and genres of contemporary production of knowledge and culture, in both the global and post-colonial contexts.

Grafik: Sebastian Kokus/Thomas Korff