Admiralitätstr. 74

20459 Hamburg

Eröffnung | Donnerstag | 8. September 2016 | 18 Uhr

Nine Korean artists will take part in the exhibition subtitled “Out of Worldly”. With unique aesthetics and perspectives rarely found in European societies including Germany, they challenge the mainstream art society. The nine Korean artists were selected for that reason:


Curator: Jinmyung Lee

Curator in cooperation: Michael Baltzer

Out of Worldly basically represents the perspectives of “outsiders”. Outsiders try to transcend spatio-temporal limits (or time and space) hardly having access to the mainstream, blocked by cultural barriers. The western concept of strangers reflects the general perspective to outsiders. Outsiders may also mean LGBT groups as a minority and artist groups trying to overcome “modernity” with anachronism.

While practical (or worldly) values like, for example, economic development, political power, stable jobs, and welfare are filling the consciousness of individuals of today, other values are being excluded. Likewise, Eurocentric art society is indifferent to subjects having different perspectives from economy, society, history, and philosophy of the western world. Westwerk provides a chance to discover hidden corners of culture and, as a result, widen boundaries of thinking and sensing. The artists will vividly show how Korean art reveals new aspects of contemporary art and contributes to contemporary art as an alternative.


Inter/nationale Künstlergruppen zu Gast im Westwerk.

Out of Worldly

Triangle Artist Group South Korea

Vortrag | 7. September 2016