Admiralitätstr. 74

20459 Hamburg

Eröffnung | Samstag | 1. Oktober 2016 | 19 Uhr

21 Uhr: Performance »Time Machine« mit Hamburger Gaststernen


JOKAklubi shows three video works.
The Long Goodbye – made to the music of
Karl Jonas Winqvist & Blood Music – has an intense feeling of a never stopping journey. Three figures in blue collect materials from different landscapes all around the world, until it’s time to meet on a little square and share the findings. The Ends video plays with the idea of the film, which is said to run in front our eyes as we die. The work consists of scrolling end credits, where people thank people for specific things throughout their life. The exhibition visitors can submit their personal end credits and see them running

Inter/nationale Künstlergruppen zu Gast im Westwerk.

in the exhibition. In the third video, I Almost Said, JOKAklubi sings sentenses, which people once wanted to say for someone – but didn’t. The opening performance Time Machine invites the audience to look into the memories they’d like to live again – and be surprised.

Miia Rinne joins Time Machine with a live installation performed with her twin sister Piia Rinne. The installation includes live drumming, nostalgic c-cassettes played with 4-track cassette recorder and visuals made with overhead projector.

In Westwerk Miia Rinne also premieres the new film Beautiful Confusion that is a fourth part of her series of painted films. Beautiful Confusion is hand painted directly on 35 mm film and then scanned for digital after process. It is typical of Rinne to open-mindedly use different techniques and mix older and more recent material with each other and make something new out of them. The soundtrack of Beautiful confusion is built with the same principle as the image, using different technical layers. Rinne is interested in the integration of strong visual and auditory stimuli. No wonder that the films have a fanciful and hypnotic effect.